<< This is the manifesto of Le Poéme. The leather bags of Le Poéme are neither modern nor minimalistic. I hope that they have that special vintage smell. The bags of Le Poéme are dedicated for those of artistic and free soul and for dreamers from the past. Bags and accessories of the brand are inspired by books, movies, journeys and lots of other beautiful things, surrounding us>>

In a constantly spinning carousel of nowadays’ trends, which is dominated by minimalism and modern style, we present you a new romantic brand. The manifesto of Le Poéme is dedicated for women, who are certain that the true essence of beauty can be discovered by turning some history pages backwards rather than steadily progressing forward. French title Le Poéme is a special code for the triumph of French subtleness and Lithuanian design. This is a perfect example of style, which can be called the poetry of fashion.

The brand Le Poéme was created for a poetic, free and rebellious woman, searching for sources of inspiration in the past. The creations of Le Poéme are a harmonious synthesis of naturalness, elegance and Parisian spirit, which also exude bohemian cool. They effortlessly seduce, instantly catch the eye and ooze femininity. Pastel colour bags have a vintage smell – made from soft or hard leather of the highest quality, they live together with their owner. With time passing, a special effect of aged leather appears which is caused by a gradually fading colour of natural leather. A special attention is dedicated not only for a unique form, but for whole design – bag linings are also sewn from natural materials such as cotton, denim, viscose or flax. Hand-made carved wooden handles decorated with flower or leaf motifs can also be named an attention-grabbing detail. Such extraordinary and exceptional handles and wooden details are designed specially for Le Poéme brand. Soon every wandering bohemian soul will have a possibility to purchase elegant briefcases of different colors.

A wooden cloud with a miniature bird is a symbolic label and a motto carved on it (“for dreamers from the past”) embodies the DNA of the brand. This symbol is attached to every of Le Poéme bags and also can be treated as a metaphorical key to the inspiration sources. Bags and accessories, exuding irresistible Parisian spirit, are born from big love for art, journeys, literature and lots of other beautiful things which surround us every day but most of the times go simply unnoticed. Small stamps on leather are unique pieces, designed only for Le Poéme.Stylized drawings echo different motifs of literature, nature and romance – for example, air balloons, wooden horses of carousels, originally interpreted version of Alice in Wonderland, funky statements which create allusions to the brave spirit of bag owner and her wish to identify herself as a popular character of old literature (“Je m’appelle Marie Antoinette, “Я – Анна Каренина”). Clouds, birds, blooming flowers are key motifs, immortalizing romantic spirit. In contrast, they are combined with sharper accents, revolvers or crowns (a symbol of authority and power), for example. Such elements can be seen in a rose wreath, an official emblem of Le Poéme.